17th November 2019

Sunday Collection: Came to £1465. The Development collection came to £720. Thank you for your generosity as always. There will be a Development Collection taken up next Sunday 24th .


Today is the 33rd Sunday of the Year: The day of the Lord came when Jesus came: it will come again when Jesus returns; it comes today each time grace visits us. The day of the Lord is always a judgement: it exposes wickedness and exalts justice. St. Paul tells us that the proper way to prepare for the last times is to work conscientiously at our daily tasks.


The Graan Draw: This is the last weekend to buy tickets for the Car Draw. The Draw will take place at the Dinner Dance in the Killyhevlin Hotel next Friday night at mid-night. If you would like to sell a book of tickets for us, please do; we really do appreciate your help. If you have any tickets in your homes please return them at the beginning of this week because it is difficult to do it all in the last day or two. All our helpers do this voluntarily.


At the Dinner Dance Dominic and Barry Kirwan and their band is our entertainment for the night. The Dinner Dance tickets cost £30 each this year and are available at reception. The Dinner Dance tickets would make an ideal Christmas gift for family and friends. The dinner dance is always the highlight of the evening along with the many Raffle and Spots prizes all of which have been kindly donated. If you are coming to the Dinner Dance, we promise to run things on time. You’ll need to be at the hotel not later than 8pm. You can choose your seating then. The dinner will be served at 8.30pm.


Spot Prizes: Thanks to everyone who have already donated Spot prizes. Contact us if you have a Spot Prize and we will collect it or if you can leave it in at the front door of the Monastery with your name and address clearly written on it, we will be most grateful. Every spot prize will be given away on the night. Thanks to all our tickets sellers and to Dunnes Stores as always.


For the month of November a Mass will be celebrated each day for those names who are on the November Dead List.


DUTY & Confessions: Mon (No Duty) Mass @ 8pm – Arthur. Tues to Friday Duty 2pm – 5pm. Tues: Victor. Wed: Charles. Thurs – Arthur. Fri – Anthony. Sat (5-6pm) – Anthony.  


Feasts of the Week: Thursday: Presentation of the BVM: This feast day was important for our Founder St. Paul of the Cross. He called his first monastery in Italy the Retreat of the Presentation. Friday: St. Cecilia 3rd Century Roman Virgin and Martyr - patron saints of musicians Saturday: St. Columbanus Born in 543, Died in Bobbio Italy in 615. Educated in Cleenish and became Monk of Bangor Co. Down. One of the greatest Irish missionary monks.


The Shop has restocked for Christmas. There is a great selection of cribs on display as well as candles, diaries, cards and suitable gifts for Christmas.    Christmas Mass Bouquets:We have a new selection of Christmas Mass Bouquets which cost £2 / €2.50. Enrolling your family and friends on our daily Mass Guild makes a special Christmas gift.


New Book:Fr. Brian D’Arcy has authored a new book called It has to be said It is now on sale in our shop for £20.


Books on Sale at Reception: We have the Killyhommon Primary School Inspirational Thoughts 2020 book @ £5 and The Breath of God by Margaret Blessington @ £9 available also.


Friends of the Cancer Centre:A coffee morning (coffee and Crafts) takes place on Saturday 23rd November 10am – 3pm. Admission £4, children under 12 go free. The Regal, 1 Regal Pass, Enniskillen.


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is on every Friday from 10am – 5pm. Bulletin: Please take a bulletin home with you.


Recently Deceased Anniversaries

Donna Smith, Lisnaskea

Dennis Harvey, Lisgoole Pk, Enniskillen

John James Reihill, Lisnaskea



Debbie, Leo & Michael   Gordon, Enniskillen

& The O’ Donoghue Family, Dingle

John & Kathleen Mc Cahery, Mulrod, Tamlaght

Patrick   Donnelly, Augher & Francis Donnelly, Newry

Willie Brady & the   Brady Family, Belcoo

Harry & Annie Mc Gale, Mullaghree, Enniskillen

The Gunn Family, Derrygonnelly

The Mc Guinness Family, Derrygonnelly

The Cassidy Family, Ederney

Con Bresnahan, Dromore

Willie Carters, Tempo

Harry Mc Gurran,   Derrymacash, Lurgan

Brian Lynch & the Lynch family, Enniskillen & Waterford

Bridie Gallagher & the Gallagher & Dolan family, Cashel

The Miller Family, Boho

Tom, Una and John Long,   Dublin

Ita O’ Callaghan, Dublin

The Kelly Family,   Enniskillen & Newtownards

Michael Mc Govern, Corlough   & London

Mary Corrigan, Abbey Drive,   Enniskillen

Renne Bahadoor, Mauritius   (Month’s Mind)

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